SmartTab AutoShape

Create Multi-Tabbed interfaces in seconds, with many options to create slick tabbed interfaces within Adobe Fireworks™

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What is an AutoShape?

An Auto Shape is a vector object group that you can add to the canvas. Each Auto Shape provides several control points to allow the user to modify various parameters, such as color, position, height and width etc. When the user manipulates a control point, a particular visual property of the shape changes.

  • Adobe Fireworks MXP Installer Included
  • Easily Add / Remove Extra Tabs
  • Controls for altering the tab stacking order
  • Easily resize the tab page
  • Use the subselection tool to change tabs and labels

System Requirements

  • Adobe Fireworks MX
  • Adobe Fireworks MX 2004
  • Adobe Fireworks 8
  • Adobe Fireworks CS3+